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I started selling products online 6 years ago. At the beginning I focused myself only on selling on eBay. Now I also own many websites. Lately, I have been intrigued by this tecnique of DOMAIN NAMES INVESTMENT, but I could not figure out how to do it. I am sure you head that domain names are the future of Real Estate Investing...

Did you know that every DAY there are some 30,000 domain name that expire because their owner forgot to renew them? And what if those domains generate a substantial amount of traffic that you could get your hands on just a few dollars? Do you understand the power of this tecnique? I discovered that on the internet there are some excellent resources that really helped me in increasing my PROFITS from investing in domain names ("online real estate investing"). I am very happy about what I discovered and I have decided to offer other guys a free service that would have recommended them the best DOMAIN NAME INVESTING PROGRAMS available on the Internet. I review at least 3 new programs a month and publish here for you the top three, ranked by value, support and effectiveness, following a 1 to 5 star rating system (5=highest score, 1=lowest score). The overall rating is based on the averages of these scores.

Every month I also nominate for you my DOMAIN NAME INVESTING PROGRAM AND TOOLS !




#1 WhyPark is our recommended site OF THE MONTH!
Value: 5.0 /5
Support: 5.0 /5
Effectiveness: 4.5 /5


- this site provides excellent tools to put into practice many of the techniques taught in Domain Profiteer
- buy your domain with WhyPark, then choose your keywords and add your google adsense or yahoo network IDs and start earining immediate advertising revenue
- since the only articles that appear on your website are related to the exact keywords you have chosen, the result is a themed, content-rich website with high keyword density that search engines and surfers will love
- automated google sitemaps update
- No technical expertise requried, no FTP, HTML or other programming languages required. Money back questions asked...!

- BONUS: if you buy your domain with WhyPark, they will HOST for you for FREE! Just this bonus alone (worth around $100/year), would be a good reason to join this site!

Overall Rating

#2 Domain Profiteer by Shawn Casey
Value: 4.0 /5
Support: 4.0 /5
Effectiveness: 4.0 /5


- Domain Profiteer by master internet guru Shawn Casey has a huge collection of fantastic videos and books that will teach you, step by step, many techniques on how to make money from Domain Name investing. If you can find a quality domain name that already attracts free traffic (from search engines, blog postings, from qualit y back links or anything else that its webmaster might have setup but then he forgot to renew the domain), then you found a winner domain name: Domain Profiteer teaches you how to find these gold domains
- learn how to redirect the free traffic that a domain attracts and send it to a domain you already own. Buy domains that attract traffic for the keywords that your site is specialized in.
- if you dont have an existing site, park your new domain and profit from advertising (see also Why Park tool, below)
- buy domains cheap and sell them for a profit
- Other great methods you will learn: redirect traffic to your affiliate link, buy a domain (especially a ".com" one) and hold it. Then sell it ones it appreciates in value.
- this program, as also seen on TV, is our FIRST pick! Domain Profiteer really is the top Domain Name Investing program and tool available on the planet!

Overall Rating

#3 Domain Dashboard
Value: 3.0 /5
Support: 4.0 /5
Effectiveness: 3.0 /5


- great tool if your portfolio of domain names is increasing fast and you need to manage keywords, revenue earned, page indexed by search engines, page ranking in all major search engines and other important statistics
- manage all your WHM and cPanels from one control panel, with a simple click of your mouse
.- monitor all your backlinks to your domains so that you can optimize your domains for great search engine ranking
- this is the perfect tool to manage multiple domains! It also automatically pulls keywords from AWStats and automatically add them to your keyword list. On top of that, this tool has a very easy to use graphical interface that will also allow beginners to use Domain Dashboard effectively. Their tech support is also very responsive

Overall Rating

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